Responsive Innovation

Eliz LLC

Our clients are enthusiastic about the level of service and productivity they have received from Eliz LLC. Read what they have to say about Eliz LLC and Elizabeth Walsh!

Crossroads Station

"Eliz LLC is phenomenal! When we first approached Elizabeth about designing our website we had only a vague idea of what we wanted.  Elizabeth spent the time with us to develop our vision for the site. Not only did she exceed what was expected of her, she also had our site ready on time and at an extremely fair price. I would recommend Eliz LLC to anyone looking for website design or other cloud-based project work."
Fitz Johnson President
Johnson Realty Advisors, Inc., Fredricksburg, VA

Taylor Brothers

"Elizabeth was the perfect fit for working with me on developing the Taylor Brothers new website. The one on one meetings were especially helpful for me to focus on getting the correct information and material that best fit our business. Elizabeth was then able through her creativity and computer related skills to bring it all together. She understands what the browsers are looking for in a website."
Scott Moyer Sales Manager
Taylor Brothers, Lynchburg, VA

QLifts LLC

"Eliz LLC created a unique, stunning and bold look for QLifts.  The design is more than our website, it is our "brand identity."  Elizabeth created high resolution print material for our brochures, business cards, and contracts so that we make a strong and consistent impression with our clients. Elizabeth is a pleasure to work with.  She goes the extra mile to get the job done right. She takes pride in her work."
Kevin Nelson President
QLifts LLC, Martinsville, VA

Further endorsements

Principal and CEO
Eliz LLC

Calvin Shoemake
COO Ruelco, Inc

Elizabeth Walsh did an awesome job working with Fortress Wood Products on our Social Media and Website. Her ideas and thinking outside the box made these avenues for Fortress the best in the business!!! I would recommend Elizabeth highly for any company that needs help in these areas!!!

Beta Alpha Psi, Executive Director

“As AICPA VP of Education I hired and managed Elizabeth in her Beta Alpha Psi role. She is an excellent manager of people and programs, extremely competent with technology and innovative in developing an operation. She took on a national program that had been poorly organized and managed and developed it into a virtual, efficient operation.” 

Bea Sanders, National Director Faculty Relations, KPMG LLP
managed Elizabeth at AICPA

Director of Knowledge Management

“Elizabeth & I shared the challenges of introducing and gaining support for new knowledge management system from two diverse audiences: employees and volunteer committee members located throughout the US. Elizabeth was a thoughtful leader and collaborator, gaining support by listening and responding to others' concerns and ideas while never losing sight of the goal. Her leadership was key to the success of this project.”

Evelyn Grammar,  Senior Manager, AICPA

worked indirectly for Elizabeth at AICPA

“Elizabeth and I worked together at the American Institute of CPAs as the organization was beginning to implement a comprehensive knowledge management system. She quickly mastered the job requirements and was absolutely critical in both the design and implementation phases of the initiative. 

My philosophy has always been to hire people who are smarter than I am and that's exactly what I did with Elizabeth. She is bright, a self starter and someone you can really count on to get the job done. I strongly recommend Elizabeth and would gladly work with her again.” 

John F. Hudson, Vice President, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
managed Elizabeth at AICPA

“I worked closely with Elizabeth when she had the role to launch AICPA's knowledge management efforts and I led our internal communications function. 

A true professional, Elizabeth combined excellent problem solving and analytical skills with top notch leadership and interpersonal skills. Our project was very successful at what was a tough job - introducing new ways of thinking about work and the information you had - at an organization that was very well set in its ways. 

It was always a pleasure working with Elizabeth. She would make a strong contribution to any organization.” 

Thomas Lemmon, Senior Manager, Communications, AICPA
worked with Elizabeth at AICPA

“Elizabeth's solid ethical standards, high degree of professionalism, and experience in budgeting and financial management make her a good choice to assume any leadership or management role. She is a good judge of indvidual talent and has demonstrated the skill necessary to assemble and manage teams. I have observed first hand her commitment to continuous learning and attention to both personal and professional development. I grew considerably as a professional because of Elizabeth's influence and guidance. I would be pleased to work with her anywhere, anytime.” 

Hugh J. Kelsey, MA, MLS, Progam Manager, AICPA
reported to Elizabeth at AICPA

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

“I am pleased to recommend Elizabeth Lester Walsh. I have had the pleasure of knowing Elizabeth since her first admission to the Pamplin College in 1985. As a student, she was very active in the college. She served as student chapter President of Beta Alpha Psi and chaired the Business Horizons career fair. She graduated Summa Cum Laude, with the second highest grade point average in the college. She received the college’s Outstanding Alumni Award in 2000. Elizabeth serves as a member of the Pamplin Advisory Council, a group of senior business leaders who are advisory to the dean of the college, assisting with strategic planning, and other issues. She has been of great service to the college in this role and serves as a role model for our female students.” 

Richard Sorensen, Dean, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech,
taught Elizabeth at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University